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Welcome to the Biofeedback Clinic

Has your doctor told you that your condition is “stress related”? Did you feel like you were being told it was “all in your head”? Biofeedback focuses on the answers to these problems through learning self-regulation of incurable symptoms, whatever the cause. A biofeedback therapist is your coach and cheerleader to help guide you to living your life free of stress related problems.

By finding what is out of balance using sensitive equipment, you can learn to intervene into the cycles of pain, stress, and imbalance. A body can’t heal under stress, by learning to control your heart rate, muscle tension, blood flow or even brain patterns you can re-gain lost vitality and start healing effectively.

With thirty years experience Jackie has guided many through life style alteration. By advising people on “do-able” change, miracles can be facilitated, hope can resurge, and research based measurable health and happiness will be achieved.